Random (and not necessarily ag-related) observations at Crop Updates 2011

February 24, 2011

At the Pioneer Hibred booth in the exhibitors area, the company hosted it’s version of the jelly-bean-jar-count. Not using jelly beans, of course. The jar in question must have contained hundreds of thousands of canola seeds. I didn’t even wager a guess. I felt a little sorry for the bloke that had to count all those little suckers though. Presumably there’s an app for that. ;0)

I am slowly growing accustomed to the heat and humidity here. However, dressing for the Australian elements and sitting in cool, air-conditioned conference rooms doesn’t quite mesh. I find myself regularly popping out to the front terrace at the Burswood to ‘warm up’. Dress in layers, Cami!

On a VERY unrelated note, the bathrooms, connected to the Burswood conference facilities, were not as impressive as I thought they would be. An observation that I made of this bathroom and others in Australia, though, is that the facilities are ‘genderized’. They aren’t marked “men” and “women”. Rather, they are labeled “male” and “female”. I was most interested, upon entering the “female” bathroom at the Burswood, to find a unique dispenser aptly called a ‘Vanity Bar’ (see photo below). Quite classy and a far cry from some of the banged up and abused tampon/condom dispensers you find in public washrooms at home in Canada (especially along Highway #7). Look at these options, ladies… deodorant, perfume, vanity packs of hairpins, etc and LIPGLOSS…


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