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Want to comment? Please do! Over the years, my personal blog has been a way to share information, my thoughts and ideas, as well as a few personal anecdotes and life experiences with others. Via this blog, I have had some terrific exchanges with people. I especially value the opportunity to learn from others. And I want people to continue to share! Because I want this blog to facilitate thoughtful, respectful dialogue and debate, I need to moderate comments. Here are a couple of things that guide me as I decide what comments to post to the blog:

1) Is the language appropriate and respectful?

2) Does the comment relate to the topic(s) outlined or discussed in the blog and in subsequent posts?

Note: I may limit the comments when time is limited or number of comments become overwhelming.

Copyright From its inception this blog has been a personal project of mine. I do my writing on my own time and my goal, always, is to facilitate dialogue and debate while providing interesting nuggets of information or personal insights into things. While I am not much of a stickler on copyright with respect to the material presented in this blog, I would appreciate it if you would credit me or provide a link to any material if you happen to reference it. If you repost, please repost only part of the blog post and frame that with your own comments as a way to add to the dialogue or discussion.

Privacy Feel free to sign up for an email subscription, or leave your email address for comments, etc. Please note: I WILL NOT sell any information to third parties nor will I send you things that you don’t want. Entering your email address in on this site means it is for the use you provided. Nothing else.

This blog is NOT a Channel for Business Communication This blog is a conduit for personal expression and does not represent official communications from my employer, Bayer Crop Science or any other entity.  Any views expressed by commenters or guest authors do not necessarily reflect my views, those of the company or of any other individual employee.

Advertising In the 10 or so years that I have hosted this blog, I have never provided space for advertising. Nor do I plan to ever start. If you wish to promote products or services, you will have to go elsewhere.

The views expressed in the body of the entries or in comments may not necessarily reflect my views, those of the company or of anyone else. Posts made prior to September 29, 2014 were made when I was either an independent researcher/public speaker or an academic, employed by the University of Saskatchewan. 

I reserve the right to amend, append or otherwise modify these policies.

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