“A little bit about me…”

This ‘Canuck’ and her ‘cowboy’ husband left behind grown children, family, and friends and relocated to the USA. We are establishing roots in the ‘Show Me’ state of Missouri! We settled on a picturesque little farm outside of St. Louis along with a few horses and our two dogs, Reba and Dolly.

Me? Well, I am wholly “energized” by “everything ag”.  I am not a farmer (but I come from a farming family). I am not a scientist; at least not in the traditional sense. I am a social scientist. Social scientists like me study relationships between people and their social environment. This interdisciplinary area of research includes economics, anthropology, sociology, political science, linguistics, rhetorics, and aspects of psychology and history.

CamiPic001.JPGFor over 20 years, I have worked in the area of agriculture and ag sciences and most of that time as a public sector researcher.  I love research and have been lucky to be involved in many interesting projects over the years -> innovation and agriculture policy, social networks and social network analysis, science communication and public perceptions of agriculture and science. Currently, I am a social scientist with Regulatory Policy and Scientific Affairs for Monsanto Company.  I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Biotechnology Management) and a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies (agricultural economics, business and sociology).

Publish or perish! The mark of a good researcher is evidenced by the quantity and quality of his/her publications. I have had the opportunity to author (or co-authored) a couple of books: Evaluating Performance of Research Networks (2008) and Innovation in Agri-Food Clusters (2013) plus I have penned numerous articles for books and academic journals.  Stepping outside the ‘Ivory Tower’, I have had the privilege to also publish mainstream media pieces in a number of forums: The Western Producer, The Huffington Post (Alberta), The Winnipeg Free Press, RealAgriculture.com, AgWestBio BlogDiscover Mag BlogsScientific American BlogIndependent Women’s Forum and Biofortified.  (see Best of Blog’ for links to these works)

I love writing poetry, drawing, and painting. I have been involved in theatre for several years and enjoy volunteering in the local community: the arts, literacy, and therapeutic riding.

– – – –

CamiPic003Want to know more about me? I got to chat with Katie Lukens Pinke’s The Pinke Post and was lucky to be featured on her blog: “Canadian Mom and Monsanto’s New Social Scientist, Meet Dr. Cami Ryan.”  Thanks for that, Katie! Also, I had the opportunity to engage with the Arctic Apple folks on their Q&A series. Here is a Q&A of me by historian/ranter (her term, not mine), Maureen Ogle. Plus, check out this interview that I did with the always charming, Ray Bowman of the Food and Farm Show.

*This blog is and always has been a personal channel of expression for me and I am solely responsible for its content.  It does not represent official communications from my employer, Monsanto Company, or any other organization. The views expressed in the body of the entries or in comments may not necessarily reflect my views, those of the company or of anyone else. Posts made prior to September 29, 2014 were made when I was either an independent researcher/public speaker or an academic, employed by the University of Saskatchewan.


Photos by: Dainya Sapergia

3 thoughts on ““A little bit about me…”

    • Aw.. thanks Julee! I am so honored! It is great connecting with you online and I do so hope to meet you some day face-to-face! Keep on doing what you are doing… you are a valuable, reasoned and rational voice in an often irrational, emotionally-charged debate. – cami

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