Online Anti-Technology Advocacy Networks

Ryan January 2010 Advocacy & Issue Networks.pdf

Please check out this working paper I wrote… “Framing, Exploring and Understanding Online Anti-Technology Advocacy Networks (working title)” (January 2010). I experiment with the webcrawler tool “Issuecrawler” to explore online advocacy networks around this issues of ‘terminator technology’ (or gene use restriction technologies) and ‘synthetic biology’.

Thanks to Dr. Edna Einseidel for her support of this work (through funding from Genome Canada GE3LS).

Facilitating the Public Peer Review Process

Peer to Patent
“community patent review”
“…Peer-to-Patent opens the patent examination process to public participation for the first time.Become part of this historic program. Help the USPTO find the information relevant to assessing the claims of pending patent applications. Become a community reviewer and improve the quality of patents.”

“Innocentive” – a web based “open innovation” tool

“Innocentive” – a web based “open innovation” tool to facilitate problem solving and facilitate recruitment.

Companies contract with Innocentive as “seekers” to post R&D challenges. scientists register as “solvers” to review challenges and submit solutions online. The Company then reviews submissions and selects the best solution and awards the winning scientist / solver.

Over 1000 challenges posted to date… over 5 Million $$$ awarded!