more GMO linseed/flax in the Czech Republic and Poland

Agritec, Research, Breeding & Services, Ltd also submitted a notification / report in 2007 for transformed flax in the CR.

The U of Wroclaw, Poland also did some work on flax in U owned plots. Notification dated 2004 with release period listed as 2006 to 2010:


GMO linseed developed in the EU

Here is the Summary Notification (#B/SE/04/8254) made by Plant Science Sweden designating the delliberate release of a modified linseed line (modified for oil composition) for planting in regions in Sweden 2005-2009. Consent was given by EC for this event in 2005. As far as I can tell, project went as planned. How come this has never come to light given the recent Triffid issue? Unfortunately, the final report on this is in Swedish.