Intriguing… Mapping Controversies course….

…developed by Bruno Latour.
“…[The course enables one to] map, and therefore under- stand in a more tangible way, the different positions at stake…concentrate on developing cogent explanations for underlying reasoning and assumptions…offer an interpretation of the dynamic of the conflict, propose a definition of any offered proofs, and finally present a hypothesis about its resolution.

“The discipline of examining scientific controversy in this manner corresponds more and more to the actual situations…”

Manuel Castells & Bruno Latour speak…

Bruno Latour:
Presentation and Keynote at the International Network Theory Conference, organized by the ANN and SONIC research centers, that took place on Feb 19-20, 2010 at the University of Southern California.

“A collective phenomenon is not necessarily a social one.”…

Manuel Castells provides an introduction to the conference…….