Planting Farm Saved Flaxseed this Spring?

Guidelines for Testing for Producers
March 26, 2010
Flax Council of Canada

Procedures for testing Farm Saved Seed:

* To ensure the highest confidence in the testing procedures, a sample of seed must be drawn across the entire lot of seed. This may be done a number of ways; however the best and most preferred method is to sample directly from a clean seed stream. This includes but is not limited to sampling as the clean seed is:
o coming off the cleaners,
o being loaded into a truck,
o being transferred from the truck into a seed bin on farm.

* A minimum 4 subsamples per 1 metric tonne (1 sample per 10 bu) must be drawn and mixed thoroughly. e.g. a 5 mt lot will require 20 subsamples
* A lot may not be any larger than 20 mt.
* A representative 2 kg sample is to be submitted to a lab on the FCC’s list of approved testing labs for Triffid testing (4×60 g).
* At harvest or delivery of the 2010 crop, the grower will be asked to provide a certificate of laboratory analysis that verifies the planting seed tested negative.

A list of ISO approved laboratory is provided as well.


Update to the Domestic Triffid Stewardship Program

The Flax Council of Canada announces changes to the existing Stewardship Program

(as of March 12, 2010 )

“The new stewardship option allows producers to use their own non-pedigreed seed for planting provided it first undergoes the same intense sampling and testing procedures as those used for certified seed being tested for Triffid. A representative 2 kg sample must be submitted to an approved laboratory for seed testing purposes. Each sample must represent a lot not exceeding 20 metric tonnes. The submitted sample must be clean of all weed seeds, chaff and straw.

Once received, the approved lab will follow the testing protocol requiring 4×60 gram grinds to be tested with positive results being defined as the detection of the presence of Triffid and negative being defined as no detection of any level of Triffid. There will be no threshold level of Triffid acceptable for planting seed. Only planting seed that has been tested negative is to be used for seeding purposes for 2010.”

NEWS RELEASE – Flax Council of Canada Announces Industry Stewardship Programfor Farm Saved Planting Seed 03.12.10 F.pdf
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