Img001.JPGErnest Hemingway once said, “Prose is architecture, not interior decoration.” I can only assume that Hemingway meant that our thoughts and our words should not be internalized. Rather, they need to be mobilized in an artful, meaningful way and shared with others.

For the past several years, this blog has become a place-keeper for my musings around work and research. It has also become a forum for many personal anecdotes (more to come); as a way to share my life experiences with others.

Welcome to the architecture! Feel free to knock on doors, roam the rooms, dust the shelves, and help me to re-arrange my mental furniture!


Social-science-y Stuff

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Media photos courtesy of Ellen Pruden with the Manitoba Canola Growers Association.

*This blog is and always has been a personal channel of expression for me and I am solely responsible for its content.  It does not represent official communications from my employer, Monsanto Company, or any other organization. The views expressed in the body of the entries or in comments may not necessarily reflect my views, those of the company or of anyone else. Posts made prior to September 29, 2014 were made when I was either an independent researcher/public speaker or an academic, employed by the University of Saskatchewan. 



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