I smell a rat.

Cami Ryan

Yesterday, Gilles-Eric Séralini and his team had their article published in Food and Chemical Toxicology. It was a study where they explored the long-term effects of a GM herbicide tolerant corn on rodents. After a well-executed PR and communications strategy in advance of its release in London yesterday, the article has caused quite a stir in the media. As a colleague posted: “It has lit up the Twitterverse!”

Check out Andrew Kniss`examination of the study from a statistics perspective – `Why I think Séralini Feeding Trial Study is Bogus`Plus, here are some other links to critiques of the piece (Science Media Centre, UK and Reuters). The Séralini study has been referred to as a `statistical fishing trip`. Anthony Trewavas, professor of cell biology at Edinburgh University, questioned how the research was conducted, saying the number of rats involved in the study – 200 – was way too…

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2 thoughts on “I smell a rat.

  1. Even though it’s now been retracted, the damage is sadly irreversible. People who were already suspicious of GMOs, prior to the publication of the study, will remain convinced that this debunked article is their proof.

    We live in an age where the general public is more prone to believe irrational fear-mongering than legitimate science.

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