We interrupt this (not so) regularly scheduled blog…

…for a bit of navel gazing (AKA ‘excessive introspection’).

inny outy

My friends often ask me what I do and I am afraid that I may not have perfected my ‘elevator pitch.’ Well, at least not one that really captures what I do in a comprehensive way.  So, those of you that are curious about me and what I do and have a bit of time to kill, I invite you to check out this Q&A that Maureen Ogle (@maureenogle) did with me. We cover the bases on my education, my work, my opinions on science communication as well as a few tidbits on public perceptions of science, food and food production.

Also, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the always charming Ray Bowman on America’s Web Food and Farm Show.  This 11+ minute interview represents only a sliver of the time that Ray and I spent together chatting that day (in excess of 2 hours in total). Ray is such a clever, kind person and I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak with him.  Please have a listen

…and tell me, honestly, is my voice as nasally as Fran Drescher’s Nanny Fine’s?

the nanny

3 thoughts on “We interrupt this (not so) regularly scheduled blog…

  1. Nice interview, Cami. You’re thoughtful and charming, and Totally Fran Drescher! Why you could be her voice double. NOT! 😛

    You have a pleasant voice.

    The “disconnected from” discussion comes up quite often, though I’m not convinced it applies only to ag (or in my case, forestry). I think it applies pretty much to our modern lives. Due to our distribution of labour, we are all specialists and thus, disconnected from the workings of “how the other half” (more like 99%) lives. Matt Ridley illustrates this wonderfully with the computer mouse saying, that ‘not one person knows how it was made’. We would have to go back to neolithic times to be a people who knew where everything that we used or consumed came from.

    Our social media may be taking us back to where we were in the 1600’s with persons exchanging information with other persons that they know and trust. (Tom Standage gives an excellent TedX talk on this. I highly recommend it.)

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