Dear Pam (content warning: extreme sarcasm)

I have been studying PETA – as an organization – for several years. Their business and organization mandates have changed considerably over the past two decades. Where once the organization really did some terrific things, now PETA is primarily focused on building their arsenal of celebrity endorsers and less on caring for the animals. This might explain PETA’s 90%+ euthanization rates. I mean, who has time to find homes for stray animals when one is busy rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood blue bloods? And every celebrity is looking for a ‘political’ (yes, I said political) avenue to push a personal agenda and to remain relevant in the eyes of the fans. It’s not all about altruism. It rarely is.

Dairy producer, Carrie Mess, takes actor Ryan Gosling and PETA to task – who together think that they know something about dehorning in dairy cattle. I don’t know about you, but I’m going with the “real” expert on this – Carrie Mess. Check out her outstanding blog:

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