Junk Science de-junked

A special issue of the C2C Journal on junk science entitled: “Quacks and Conspiracies: the undermining of science and your health” was just published and is available online.  I encourage you to check it out (click on image below). The journal is approachable, easy to read with some great articles by knowledgeable folks. Two of my favorites:

“Who’s afraid of the big, bad GMO” by Alan McHughen (University of California Riverside)

excerpt: “GMOs are no more hazardous than other forms of breeding are. Is it not strikingly odd that these diverse professional scientific associations all came to the same general conclusion about the safety of GMOs? And is it not equally odd that the junk scientists and their followers rarely cite these peer-reviewed scientific studies?”

“Homeopathy as Pseudoscience” by Tim Caulfield (University of Alberta).

excerpt: “No amount of evidence (and there is a mountain of it) will convince advocates that homeopathy is merely water. But I do hope that, in the future, provincial governments across Canada will take more care in the way they address these regulation issues that is, unless they wish to abandon evidence-based approaches to health care and embrace the supernatural and psuedoscientific.”

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