Old Flames Rekindled (and visualized!): Speed-dating for new research collaborations

UPDATE… Thursday May, 28, 2011

A number of my blog viewers have been asking for more details on what transpired out of the Innogen exercise (May 17, 2011) where participants did a session of ‘speed dating’ to create a network map of potential new research collaborations.  Jen Foley, Innogen Communications and Policy Officer, sent along this statement:

“Farah Huzair – Innogen Research Fellow –  led the “speed-dating” session, which was brilliant!”

“The high-energy speed dating session brought Innogen staff closer together than ever before – physically and, in many cases, intellectually. Out of the session arose stimulating ideas for future collaborations including research on themes of organs and inheritability, changing Indian business models in pharma, and social technologies and translational medicine. Staff agreed the session was a lively way to swap particularly interdisciplinary ideas. One researcher was overheard describing Innogen as a ‘fast breeding ground for hybrids’.”

Jen also sent along this excellent visual illustrating the interconnections amongst exercise participants:


To stay abreast of Innogen’s research portfolios, visit the Innogen research page: http://www.genomicsnetwork.ac.uk/innogen/research/

Previous posting:

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

A colleague of mine is at a retreat for the research centre in the UK – Innogen – where they study life science and biotechnology innovation. 
Innogen is located at the Open University and University of Edinburgh. Miles apart and not everyone knows each other and what they do. So they 
did a session of speed dating to create a network map of potential newresearch collaborations – SNA and dating combined.