Mistaken identity?…

February 21, 2011

In error, I gave a $4 tip on a 5.50$ latte to a young barista.

I was at the Matilda Bay Tea House overlooking – you guessed it – Matilda Bay. The barista in question looked like a cross between Michael Cera and Buddy Holly. When I dropped the two small coins into the tip jar from the change that he handed me from a $10 bill, he gave me a funny look.

My inner voice responded, “What?! Too cheap for ya, Buddy? (er… Michael).”

Then I took coinage inventory. Hmmmmm.

Lesson for the Day: Never assume that just because something is bigger, it is worth more – at least when it comes to currency.

PS – I contemplated sticking my hand into the tip jar and digging out at least two of the four dollars that I dropped in there. But, for the sake of international relations, thought better of it.

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