So you want “…a career of the mind…”

A bright motivated undergrad decides to ask her professor for a recommendation to graduate school.


PROF: “What field do you intend to specialize in?”

BRILLIANT STUDENT: “All of it… I am going to be a college professor… I am going to write smart things about death in literature…I like Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society…I want a career of the mind…”

PROF:  “Do you know how many admission committees are going to laugh at your application? You can’t specialize in broad themes.”

BRILLIANT STUDENT: “I got an “A” in my Emerson paper. I will write about him in my dissertation… and death.”

BRILLIANT STUDENT: “Money is not important to me.”

PROF: “Oh my God, who let you into this school? I am tempted to throw you out of my office…that I share with four other people.”



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