Beachy knows the importance of #science in #innovation and moving from #innovation to entrepreneurship and #economic #growth

The Next Wave of Biotechnology: Will the Crest Support the Weight of Success? 

Dr. Roger Beachy, NIFA Director and USDA Chief Scientist
American Society of Plant Biologists Annual Meeting 2010; August 4, 2010; Montreal, Canada

“When one is on the crest of a wave in the sea, or riding the powder of the mountains, you often don’t see the rocks and sea churn, or the bumps and cliffs that lie beneath.  And believe me, there is turmoil, there are reefs, and there are rocks underneath the crest of this “Next Wave of Biotechnology” that we are experiencing. The churn involves both how science will be done, and how the products of the knowledge that might be delivered through biotechnology will be regulated, distributed, controlled.”


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