#connectedness, #crisis and #complexity: new protocols for a new #global reality

“Complexity, Crisis and moving beyond recipes…”
Blog: Aid on the Edge of Chaos
August 6, 2010

Today blog entry in AEC (refer to above) draw attention to what are problems that we are all familiar with but are encapsulated into what is a new concept to me – the Triple ‘F’ Crisis of Food, Fuel and Finance. The author quotes Julian Hunt (Visiting Professor at Delft University of Technology) who makes some observations about the state of the world: “…rapid growth of global inter-connected problems have led to new kinds of collaborations between scientists, policymakers and the private sector… a view through the lens of “global system dynamics” is required in order to inform policy making, research and practice.”

Global systems dynamics involve data input and output, models, networking with other systems and decision making. The role of feedback through public consultation is an essential but poorly understood part of the process. Such approaches, according to Hunt, can help to identify critical problems for the future. Perhaps a forecasting model? More from Lord Julian Hunt on Global Systems Dynamics at: http://blogs.reuters.com/great-debate-uk/2010/06/15/international-crises-and-… (June 2010)

And how might this work in with a prize-based incentive model for rewarding innovation and problem solving? Can the notion of viewing the problem through the lens of ‘global system dynamics’ be combined with a protocol of ‘cabal of curiousity’ to identify prospective problems be the answer to resolving some of the world’s most complex problems? (see The Economist article “And the winner is…” http://www.economist.com/node/16740639)