Revew of Paarlberg’s “Food Politics” #food #book #Paarlberg

Food Politics – What Everyone Needs to Know
by Robert Paarlberg
pp. 218 (Oxford Press, 2010)
Reviewed by Prof. Drew L. Kershen, Earl Sneed Centennial Professor of Law; University of Oklahoma;

Food Politics – What Everyone Needs to Know is focused, as the name states, on food politics which means a heavy dose of discussion of agriculture, agricultural development, food safety, food marketing, agribusiness, etc. One chapter has the title “Organic and Local Food;” another chapter, “Food Safety and Genetically Engineered Food.” Each chapter contains questions about the chapter topic and a discussion (answer) to the questions. The book is clearly written, moderate and thoughtful in tone, accurate and careful in its data and arguments. The book shows clearly the breadth of Rob’s knowledge and the depth of Rob’s insights about food politics, The book is excellent in providing information and perspective about many contentious issues. Readers will learn a great deal from Rob’s calm, thoughtful, worthwhile questions and answers. The book also reads very easily and presents its questions and answers in language that can be understood by all without being condescending. I enjoyed reading the book and I highly recommend it to others.


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