Organic branding in EU helped along with new logo

*Euro-Leaf Logo Means The Food Is Organic, Required For Agricultural And Aquaculture Organic Products

contributed by Alton parrish (Editor)
July 3, 2010*

New EU rules on organic food labeling including the requirement to display the new EU organic logo, entered into force on 1 July, 2010. The so-called “Euro-Leaf” will now be obligatory on pre-packaged organic food products that have been produced in any of EU Member States and meet the necessary standards. Other private, regional or national logos will continue to appear alongside the EU label.

The “Euro-leaf” design shows the EU stars in the shape of a leaf against a green background passing two clear messages for consumers: Nature and Europe. The design has been registered by the Commission as a collective trade mark. Designed by German student Dušan Milenković, the logo emerged as the clear winner of an on-line poll, following a competition aimed at EU art students. The winner and the runners-up in this competition will be honoured at an official award ceremony in Brussels on 19 July 2010, organised to coincide with the July 19/20 Conference on the future of the Common Agriculture Policy.…