Bill C-474 Update from the Council for Biotechnology Information….

Excerpt from CBI’s recent Speak-up Newsletter

Bill C-474 Update

CBI Canada and CropLife Canada continue to monitor and oppose the private member’s Bill C-474, along with a coalition of various groups across Canada. The Bill would require an export market assessment be completed before any new biotech seed varieties are approved for sale. This month, various groups are presenting to the Agriculture Standing Committee with the goal to have the Committee recommend that the House of Commons not proceed further with this Bill, due to the reasons noted below. This recommendation would pave the way for a clear vote to defeat the Bill when the vote finally occurs, most likely this Fall. Speak-Up participants are encouraged to write to your MP contacts to let them know about the benefits of biotechnology and request that the Committee recommend that the House not proceed further with this Bill as it:

* Departs from Canada’s world class, science based and
defendable regulatory system

* Could reduce Canada’s market access opportunities by
introducing new non-tariff trade barriers

* Creates uncertainty for the introduction of innovative and
beneficial new crops

* Leaves us vulnerable to some importers effectively blocking
all exports of biotech crops – even to willing importers

Please email Janice Tranberg –
if you have an opportunity to write a
letter to your MP, respond to letters to the editor, comment on
articles or blogs, or have any other questions on this issue.