Cami and Cankle in Amsterdam

Well, I made it in one piece. My ankle (AKA “Cankle”) did not fare well on the journey though. By the time I reached Amsterdam, injured right ankle (sprained last week) had ballooned to twice the size of left… it now looks like a raw turkey roll. Mind you, its grotesque size and shape does make my other ankle look extremely slender and elegant. One must find the silver lining in every situation! Rather than complain miserably about my distored limb and my lack of grace, I decide to view Cankle as a slightly overweight, well-meaning yet annoying ‘travel partner’. Another positive was that the KLM flight was at half capacity so me and Cankle were able to stretch out over two whole seats. We enjoyed the lovely service and watched “Its Complicated” (hilarious), “The Blind Side” (moving) and “Leap Year” (sappy romantic comedy). Hotel Arena in Amsterdam is 3 star accomodation, so not an ‘over the top’ nice hotel. But decent nonetheless. I got a bag of ice for Cankle and have now settled down into polishing my presentation and speakers notes for the Conference the day after tomorrow. I am a little ticked though as my adaptor does not fit the plugs in these walls. So, as of right now, I have 1 hour and 39 minutes of battery power left in my laptop. Not sure what I will do after that runs out…


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