Genetic ID and its questionable connections…

April 19, 2010 

(Please refer to a recent related blog: “The Wizardry of Oz: a peek behind the curtain of the anti-GM movement”

By gathering information and data points through a review of publically available online information (journal articles and web pages), I generated a network on Genetic ID and the firm’s connections to a complexity of actors and institutions. The resulting network outlines what is clearly a convoluted network of bias – both politically and theologically – against GE and GMO. With the recent Triffid issue,Genetic ID has stood to reap significant financial benefits through testing revenues (I should qualify this – – – the company is “presumed” to have gained financially).

Please note, Jeffrey Smith of “Seeds of Deception” fame is at the centre of this network.  Also, the Maharashi (Transcendental Meditation “TM” yogi) and his affiliated interests and institutions are also central. Most of the organizations and several of the individuals are from Fairfield, Iowa where the Maharashi University is centred.  The Maharashi is a proponent of Vedic Science (look it up, weird stuff) and established the Natural Law Party whose platform revolves around the Vedic Science and TM. The Natural Law Party has branches in the US and in New Zealand. 

This work is preliminary. What are your thoughts on this?


5 thoughts on “Genetic ID and its questionable connections…

  1. Interesting follow up to TM (Genetic ID ties)… Check out this article from the May 19th issue of MacLean’s Magazine. It is an article on the newly released documentary/exposé “David wants to fly” by German director David Sieveking. Sieveking embarked on his documentary as an avid Lynch fan dying to meet the genius behind Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. But by the time he’d completed his film, five years later, it had turned into an exposé. Sieveking told Maclean’s that Lynch threatened to sue him and tried to block the film’s Berlin premiere. No wonder. It depicts TM as a secretive hierarchy with overtones of Scientology, and portrays Lynch as its Tom Cruise….

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