Shake your Goove Thang

“Sashay forward and pivot… again! Sashay forward and pivot… Come on! Let’s go!”

The crump-crump-crump of the tech music echoes in my ears and down through my body, willing my feet to keep rhythm. But my feet seem to have other ideas.

Today I took my first “Group Groove” class. It is a 50 minute dance workout at “Q”* (*may or may not be the first letter of the name of the Saskatoon-based fitness centre) with enough steps and combinations to make a beginner’s head spin. The performance of the crowd gathered around me in the mirror-lined room is impressive. Most keep up beautifully with Trent* (*may or may not be the instructor’s real name) and his enthusiastic steps, spins, combined hand and leg movements and gyrations. In spite of my inability to keep pace, it’s hard not to like the guy. Charming boyish smile and unparalled energy all wrapped up in a 5’5” fabulously fit frame and donned with funky black cap and khakis.

Trent* (see above note) exudes ‘cool’.

I, on the other hand, exude klutziness like no other. I look back frequently at my friend Bev who – bless her aged-forty-something-or-other-with-a-body-of-a-sixteen-year-old heart – is shooting me encouraging smiles. She seems to have a better handle on this crazy, exuberant fitness ritual which appears to be akin to 80’s aerobics with a bit of a ‘clubbing’ dance spin. Yes, I am struggling – there is no doubt about that. We head into the third last song of the program – the ‘breakdancing song’ – and I give up. No, my friends, I don’t leave. I just give up trying to follow these funky contemporary steps and start groovin’ to my own beat. My version is a combination of an old time dance waltz and some of the cheerleading moves that I learned in high school. I say to myself, “Self, just keep moving!”

When all is said and done, I am sweaty and puffing. But I am exhilirated! My abilities were a cross between a train wreck and something else, but I got through it. And I think that I am going to go back again and tackle this “Goove” thang!

2 thoughts on “Shake your Goove Thang

  1. Camster the Danser, You are a fab dancer with great enthusiasm and spirit. Can’t wait to do the next Groove class witch’ya. As long as there’s a smile on your face and your feet/arms/legs are flailing. (that’s how I picture myself to look) It’s considered fun exercise. Who wouldn’t wanna go back? Do ya think we should go buy some clubbin clothes? Thanks for the fun times and kind words! Your Dancing Queen Friend,Bev

  2. Dear “Dancing Queen”: I am delighted to see your response to my post… mostly, I am just delighted to see ANY activity on this blog other than that generated by me! Exercising with you is always a pleasure… let’s keep it ‘real’!c