Rethinking the Dandelion…

Long vilified by even the palest of green thumbs, the Dandelion (Taraxacum) bears proud its bright yellow head on many a lawn at this time of year. In spite of the fact that it is often the object of nasty name-calling (‘weed’) and is attacked with any manner of toxins in efforts for man to erase its presence from the planet, the ‘D’ continues to thrive. I think that the Dandelion is pretty. I always have. I recall, as a child, bringing numerous bouquets of them to my grandma.

 But I am a hypocrite. I just doused my own lawn with weed and feed this past week to rid myself of the pesky things. These photos are of the Dandelions in our pasture. As I said before, they are pretty.

One thought on “Rethinking the Dandelion…

  1. Some comments from FB friends:Sara McPhee at 17:30 on 03 JuneThe French word is “pissenlit”, the direct translation is “piss in the bed”. I take it the French did not especially appreciate dandelions.Delia Dumitrica Delia Dumitrica at 14:13 on 03 Junedo you know that you can dry them and use them for tea? apparently the tea is good for something that has to do with your health, but i forgot what…i’d share with you the folk name of this plant in Romanian, but i’m afraid it’s not suitable for a public space like facebook…Inger Marie Hanssen at 14:52 on 03 JuneLøvetann in Norwegian.

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