“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way.” Dr. Suess

Visiting friends D&S H at Bird’s Eye Ranch not only provides an opportunity to clear the lint trap between my ears, it challenges my capacity to handle physical labour. No riding, no cattle this week. Instead, I helped Blair to install a new kitchen in D&S’s new addition. Busy… I had intended to write more (five articles in the pipeline at various stages of development) – hoping to take advantage of the ‘near isolation’ of the ranch. However, the fresh air, the views and the immediate gratification that comes with completing a project (kitchen) pulled me from my academic tasks. Nestled near the mountains near the Alberta/Montana border, Chief Mountain can be seen rising above the horizon to the south east of the ranch. It captures the cotton candy pink of the setting sun… And the sky! Beautiful…seamless and endless!


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